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Sucking Each Other : Dude It's Cold Outside

Sucking Each Other : Dude It’s Cold Outside

by Nick

Starring : Javier Cruz, Lance Cole

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Javier Cruz & Lance Cole have walked through the gate of the vacation rental home they are staying at and are about to get their Boogie Boards to go to the beach. However, they discuss the fact that it is too cold outside to go to the beach. Rather than be frustrated with the cold weather, they decide to go inside and have some fun with each other after making out outside for a bit.

Once inside their clothes come off and they take turns sucking each other on the bed. After sucking each other, Javier starts fucking Lance on his back. Lance then rides Javier’s cock for a while. Lance then fucks Javier doggy style before flipping him onto his back and fucking him until Javier shoots a big load of cum. Lance then shoots his load.

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