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Fisting Video Gay : Powerhole, Sc. #01

by Nick

Starring : Kevin Scott, Mack Kurtis

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The action gets started right with Kevin Scott servicing Mack Kurtis’ hefty cock on a darkened stairwell while Kurtis croons for him to ‘take that dick…suck on those nuts.’ Scott is ever the obedient submissive, lathering Kurtis’ nads with spit before returning to his gorgeous prick.

He sucks with all he’s got until Kurtis turns him around and bends him over the stairs so he can get his pigboy ready for a hot ass-fucking–starting with his tongue. As Scott coos and eggs him on, Kurtis slobbers over his hole until it’s good and wet, then stands up and slides his cock right on in. Scott looks like he’s in hog heaven as Kurtis pounds away, turning back to look up at his top daddy with worshipful eyes.

Before long though, Kurtis tires of fucking and flips his man over for some real penetration–with his fist. He works his hand up inside Scott’s butt and pushes in and out, in and out, eventually getting both hands in on the action. He pushes all ten fingers from both hands up into Scott’s cavern as Scott cries out in ecstasy. Scott flips over onto his back for more fistfuck loving, his legs up in the air while Daddy Kurtis mercilessly works his hand in and out. Watch fisting video gay on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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