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Otter Erotic – Raging Stallion Studios

by Nick

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Raging Stallion and award-winning director Steve Cruz present ‘Otter Erotic’, a tale that follows the sexy, hairy customers and performers of a popular sex club where anything goes. Sit back, grab your cock, and enjoy the show where you might just end up as more than a voyeur when the action jumps out of the show and reels you in. Tegan Zayne slips into a peepshow and gets more than just an eyeful after feeding Drake Masters enough coins through the slot.

Tegan steps through the window of the peepshow and bends over to take Drake’s thick cock deep in his hairy hole and a load on his bushy beard. Nigel March is manning the front desk when customer Teddy Bear approaches him. Nigel likes what he sees and offers up his thick cock for Teddy to suck. Teddy takes a taste before bending over and getting his hairy hole plowed deep and lathered with cum.

When James Steven is late to Drake Masters’ show on main stage, Drake doesn’t mind sticking around for a taste of what James has to offer. The two hung studs take turns sucking each other’s cocks until both their beards and faces are covered in jizz. James gets back to work in the coat check room when Deviant Otter enters and offers up his talented mouth. Deviant gets James hard and bends over to get his hairy asshole filled with James’ big cock.

Deviant Otter gets plugged until both hairy studs end up with a face full of cum. Tegan is back watching Stephen Harte and Ziggy Banks put on a live sex show. When Tegan flashes his wad of cash, the studs bring him into the mix, so Tegan can fuck Stephen’s tight hole, while Ziggy takes his place behind Tegan to open up his furry crack. In the end, Tegan is covered head-to-ass with their creamy white loads. Stop in and join this tantalizing show bulging with hairy, fit, and hung studs as they introduce you the ‘Otter Erotic’ way of hot and sweaty sex.

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