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Michael Delucca

by Nick

Starring : Michael Delucca

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Don’t let Michael’s glasses fool you cause this guy has a very nice soldier cock. Michael Delucca starts out a little timid but once he becomes comfortable he lets his cock out and begins stroking that throbing dick for all to see. The arch on his cock is perfect for any vet looking for a new soldier to break in. Michael strokes it slowly while using his wrist in a twisting motion giving him the upper hand. His smooth young skin and body that he is working into shape is the begginnings of a man who will be on the top charts especially once you see his load burst out of that curved cock of his. Michael loves to keep his glasses on while he strokes that cock for us and after a few different positions showing off he lies back down on the bed for the final pull and he releases a nice thick load onto his 20 year old chest.

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