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Masturbation Video Clip : Dayne Wood

by Nick

Starring : Dayne Wood

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Dirk makes Dayne Wood comfortable with a very nice introduction as he begins to open up to us. Once Dirk can see Dayne is feeling in the zone he lets him loose and so Dayne takes his clothes off revealing his big uncut cock. Dayne slowly begins to stroke his dick and it becomes harder and harder as you can see the blood rush in through the veins. Dayne has a very nice veiny cock as it throbs and his balls are huge and will only get bigger as they begin to fill up.

Dayne puts his head in the pillow and spreads his ass wide open for us to see his sexy tight hole. Dayne is extremely comfortable now as he is laid out on the bed legs spread stroking his cock watching some porn. His breathing becomes a little more heavier as his balls are ready to let loose his built up tension. He slides his hand up and down his veiny hard dick a few more times and then he shoots his thick hot load all over himself. Watch masturbation video clip on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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