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Making Rent Sc3

Making Rent Scene 3: ” Touch Our Junk” – NakedSword Originals

by Nick

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Rikk York is having one of those days.  He’s broke, rent is due and he’s fucked.  Desperate for cash, he picks up the local paper to skim the classified ads and comes across “production assistant needed for gay porn shoot”.  Why not?  When he shows up to the Nob Hill Adult Theatre, he’s greeted by the director and gay porn stars Pierce Paris and Jason Vario, who are super horny but worried they’re going to have to cancel the shoot because of a no-show. No scene = no pay! Rikk flashes his bubble butt and 6-pack abs and offers to be the replacement. The horse-hung superstars approve and within minutes he’s got 2 dicks in his ass and choking on man meat. Who says Making Rent can’t be a load-full of fun?!? Group sex bang on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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