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Johnny Stacks

Johnny Stacks

by Nick

Starring : Johnny Stacks

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Our fresh new recruit is ready to kick things off and he’s excited to show off the goods. He slowly takes his clothes off revealing his smooth slim body and at first his limp cock. He lubes up for battle and begins stroking that dick and as it awakens to the slide of his hand we get to see just how thick and hard it really is.

Johnny Stacks grips his cock hard as he strokes it using one hand and at times two. His dick looks heavy and it is extremly thick and you can tell his balls are full from not blowing his load in a few days. The veins in his cock look amazing and I’m sure would feel great in a nice warm mouth as it pulsates.

He takes his time showing off all that he as to offer. He makes slight moans as he builds up to his climax. Johnny goes from standing to laying down on the bed so we can see his sexy body and his cock. Johnny moves into his finale position which is on the bed and he grabs his big thick throbbing cock with both hands and slowly strokes his load out all over himself. His thick warm cum looks amazing as it rests on his cock and chest. Big dick gay pron on Twomentwo.com

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