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Jerking Off Is Fun : Tyler Austin

Jerking Off Is Fun : Tyler Austin

by Nick

Starring : Tyler Austin

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Dirk begins some small talk with Tyler Austin making him feel more at home. Once Dirk has opened him up he tells him to let loose and so he does. Tyler takes his shirt off and the rest of his clothes revealing his smooth fit body. Once Tyler is rock hard and his balls are slapping from all the fast tugging he is doing, Dirk tells him to get on the bed and spread his legs. He gets on the bed and shows us his hairy legs while stroking his throbbing cock.

Tyler bends all the way over with his ass up in the air and spreads his legs wide as his head is buried in the pillow. He continues to stroke his hard cock from behind as he uses one hand to spread his ass wide open for all to see. His smooth hole winks and soon enough Tyler is back on his back stroking his cock.Tyler tugs on his hard dick a few more times and he finally releases his built up load all over his smooth chest. Gobs of thick cum rest on his chest as he finally empties his balls. Watch jerking off is fun video on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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