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Interracial Gay Free Videos : Help My Gag Reflex

by Nick

Starring : Aston Springs, Aaron Trainer

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Aston Springs has come to see Aaron Trainer at the clinic because he has heard from a friend that Aaron has some special skills in helping guys get over their gag reflex. After explaining his situation, Aaron is happy to help and he pulls out his massive cock for lesson one. Aston starts out slow trying to deep throat Aaron’s cock as he is coached to take it all the way down his throat. While he gags and struggles, he finally is able to take it all the way as cock sucking tears drip down his cheeks. Aaron then sits up on the exam table for his 2nd lesson as he has Aston continue to deep throat his cock and relax his throat.

Aaron then turns his attention to Aston’s beautiful ass for lesson 3 as he rims his ass and gets it all wet and ready for his big cock. He then has Aston lie on his back and he slides all 9 inches of his cock deep into Aston’s ass. Aston loves every stroke as he builds up stroking his own uncut cock and shoots a load all over himself. Aaron then laps up all the cum with his tongue and as he sucks the last drops from Aston’s cock, he strokes his own and shoots a nice thick load all over Aston’s cock and balls. Watch interracial gay free videos on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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