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Gay Military Men Naked : Sgt. Dick, Sc. #02

Gay Military Men Naked : Sgt. Dick, Sc. #02

by Nick

Starring : Dalton Riley, Max Lorde

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In the middle of the night, recruit Max Lorde is stroking his cock in his bunk, trying to go unnoticed by his fellow privates. The strokes are heard by platoon member Dalton Riley, who climbs out of his bunk to assist with his mouth moving up and down on Max’s cock. After deepthroating his fellow serviceman, Dalton feeds Max his throbbing cock until he gags. Dalton wants more so Max bends over and gives Dalton total access to his hole, and then Dalton pleasures it with a sopping wet rim job.

Eager for more, Max braces on the bunk and opens up as Dalton thrusts his raw cock with powerful strokes deep into Max’s prostate. When Max wants control, he gets on top and bounces on Dalton’s piercing rod. Switching positions, Max gets fucked missionary style and bareback as the feeling of Dalton going inside of him makes his cock twitch and shoot a think load onto his abs. Dalton adds his spunk to the mess on Max’s stomach and takes one last taste of the raw hole he just fucked. Watch gay military men naked porn videos on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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