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Gay Masturbation Free Video : Alan B

Gay Masturbation Free Video : Alan B

by Nick

Starring : Alan B

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Alan B is baby smooth with some moderate hairy legs with a big head on his hard cock. The ink he has is colorful and not overwhelming. As he becomes more comfortable he forgets about the outside world and is one with the moment. His dick is rock hard and he stands up so we can see his firm legs and ripped abs. He may be quiet as he strokes his cock but it’s his first time and we hope he comes back to show us his blowing skills.

Alan is relaxed as he swings his cock around showing off all his sexy goods. He loves to stand up and jerk his meat so we let him stand most of the time stroking his hard cock. Lucky for us Claude never misses a beat and while Alan is standing he begins to shoot his thick nut all over our floor making no sound but his face shows it all. Claude moves in for a close up of all the warm cum dripping out of his dick and onto the floor. Gay masturbation free video on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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