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Gay Anal Rim Job : Cake Shop, Sc. #04

by Nick

Starring : Wade Wolfgar, Cain Marko

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‘Someone’ has reported the bareback bakery to the Health Department, and Wade Wolfgar has to come down to work for a surprise spot check by hard-ass inspector Cain Marko. The hunky bearded daddy rattles off a list of infractions as he grills Wade for answers, then offers to go soft on him if Wade will go hard in return.

Wade gives in and gives Cain what he wants: a thick fat uncut cock pummeling his muscular manhole bareback after a thorough throat stretching face fuck. The blond beefcake gets bent over a butcher block for some quality ass eating then the chef’s sturdy rolling pin of a monster dick drills the inspector’s guts. The pile driving continues till Wade blasts a load, passing inspection with flying cum — and colors…or so he thinks. Watch gay anal rim job porn videos on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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