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Gay Amateur Clips : Frat Secrets

Gay Amateur Clips : Frat Secrets

by Nick

Starring : Justin Matthews, Dante Foxx, Romeo Foxx

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Even though Justin Matthews is the upperclassmen of the house, it doesn’t mean new pledges Romeo Foxx and Dante Foxx can’t teach him a new trick or two. Justin has been with this frat all four years but until now, he’s never thought too much about the opportunity for ass all around him, but one afternoon with Romeo and Dante has him re-thinking his action strategy when it comes to getting his rocks off. Lucky for him, Romeo is down for a good dicking and Dante loves to watch his ‘Free Sex Toy’ get fucked by someone else. This is one secret frat party that’s for members only. Watch gay amateur clips on Twomentwo.com. Lucky you. Enjoy

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