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Five Brothers: Family Values Ep. 5 – NakedSword Originals

by Nick

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Danni Daniels & Matt Wingman “Senator Surprise” As newly acquainted brother Nic Sahara explores his new family-home in Miami, he accidentally walks in on Aunt Danni doing “family business” of her own, with their prized ally Senator Matt Wingman… on his knees sucking Aunt Danni’s gigantic cock.  Nic backs up out of the room after getting screamed at and Sean Duran jumps up to see the commotion.

He pulls Nic away laughing “this family has a lot of secrets!”   Back in the negotiation room, the senator is on his knees slurping down every inch of Danni’s enormous cock.  He starts fingering her hole and she screams out for more.  Both of them strip off their clothes and dominant Danni drops to her knees to enjoy all 9 inches of the senator’s thick dick.  With tears streaming down her face from sucking down to the balls, she throws him on the bed and climbs on top to face fuck him and get ass-fucked by his thick fingers.

After cuming a few times, she jumps back down to feast on his dick.  He flips her over to suck and finger-fuck her ass pussy.  She jerks her big delicious dick until both her ass and cock explode into full body orgasm.  Once she cums back to life, she throws the senator back on the bed to milk a huge juicy load out of his big dick.  Both quivering and wet with sweat, there’s another surprise, this time for Aunt Danni.  The cool-collected matriarch of this crime family loses it in a surprise ending that will keep you wanting more.  Stay tuned for part 2 of this epic hardcore series: “Five Brothers: The Takedown!”

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