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Cell Block D – Dragon Media

by Nick

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Cell Block D is the first 100% bareback movie from Dragon Media’s Dragon Media Raw line. “D” is for Dick, as in Big Dick, judging by the men in these scenes. Director and star Rocco Steele, a legendary swordsman in his own right, has a bunch of cock-wielding friends behind bars and we’re treated to some cum-tastic antics in these must-see scenes.

Rocco has just started a sucking session with cellmate Nick Capra, who’s hoping to be paroled soon, when the prison guard (Alessio Vega, making his porn debut for Dragon Media) shows up to take Rocco to place the phone call he’s been asking to make… allegedly. In reality, it’s an excuse for Alessio to get Rocco all to himself so he can ride that huge cock raw. We get plenty of close-up shots of the condom-free penetration. After Rocco returns to the cell, Nick leaves to meet with his parole officer, Phoenix Fellington.

Horny Nick wants a taste of what he’s been missing on the outside. Phoenix is just as hungry for some prison trade, knowing that Nick has a lot of pent-up sexual energy. They each get a chance to explore each other’s hole and dick with tongues and fingers. The horny convict penetrates the muscular young Black stud with his throbbing hard-on and slams Phoenix’s toned bubble butt. Each gets what he wants in the carnal sense, and if a deep dicking was enough to earn Nick his freedom, then he’d be paroled right on the spot.In their cell, Cade Maddox and Jack Andy like to sleep in the nude.

It makes for quick and easy access when they want to fuck, which is often. With nothing to pass the time behind bars except for each other, who could keep their hands, mouth, and hole off Cade’s long, fat cock? Not Jack. He expertly envelops that head and shaft with his greedy mouth while fondling the balls. When Cade’s dick is like a stone pillar and Jack’s hole is twitching, Jack mounts Cade and impales his ass on him. Cade holds Jack’s knees, bracing him so he can ride harder.

Later, Cade stands beside the bed and pounds Jack in doggy and standing missionary.Alessio Vega, Cade Maddox, Nick Capra, Ray Diesel, and Rocco Steele close the movie with a five-man orgy in the shower that will make you lose your mind and your load. Cade, Nick, Ray, and Rocco gang up on Alessio to take their revenge on him for his power plays. They’re tired of getting pushed around by this horny little guard, so they decide to give him as much dick as he can handle. We would love to be Alessio in this situation! It’s hard to imagine a scene packed with more muscle, power, and sex appeal. Oral sex porn movie and anal sex on Twomentwo.com

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