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Big Full Balls : Jay Luna

by Nick

Starring : Jay Luna

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Jay Luna has a big uncut cock once he drops his clothes and reveals all the goodness. His smooth chest has some ink on it and as we pan down to his very hairy legs we finally see all of this unique soldier. Once Jay makes him self comfortable on our bed his big hard cock begins to throb as he strokes every inch of that big piece of meat.

He uses two hands and some lube so you can see how his hands glide up and down his long meaty shaft. Jay’s having a great time with his cock as he slaps it around and pulls on his balls. His big full balls get yanked by his hands as he strokes that big hard cock of his. The fun sadly has to come to an end as Jay’s ball are ready to release what he has built for us. He gives the call and soon enough he shoots a hot thick load all up his chest.

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