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Anal Toy Solo : Jumpin’ Jacks, Sc. #03

by Nick

Starring : Mark Masterson

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Mark Masterson is no stranger to butt-play and while he begins by swallowing some more genteel dildos, a wall of more obscene sizes harkens of things to come. Masterson has an amazing ass however, and even the largest toys go in and out of his ass with ease. He fucks himself silly with dildo after dildo before choosing one to ride on home to glory. Masterson continues to go through dildos like candy, this time with a wide black buttplug that nearly splits him in half. All the deep breathing in the world can’t make this any easier, but Masterson’s ass is really greedy and after some trembling, he works the thigh-sized tool up his hole. Watch anal toy solo sex videos on Twomentwo.com. Enjoy!

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